Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Student politics

Student politics is now a burning national issue. There is a great controversy over the matter. Some are of the opinion that it should be banned, while other think that it should continue. It is really a very delicate matter to decide very easily.
Student politics has a very glorious past. Many our achievements in the national life have come through student politics. All the historical events in our golden history have become possible only for the contributions of our student politics. The sacrifices made by the students have paved the way to our independence.

The students played a vital role and made glorious sacrifices in the liberation war. They fought as freedom fighters and took part both in guerilla fight and front fighting. Their sacrifice and contributions made it possible to achieve independence within such a short time.

Today student politics has been polluted. Many terrorists are now engaged in student politics. Fire arms have taken place instead of book and pen. Some anti social elements have now become student leaders. Many so called student leaders are not students at all. Terrorism is their language of politics. They do not hesitate to kill the members of their opposition student organizations.
These students take up politics as a profession to earn money. Some are known as contractors. They work as the cadres of the party. They are used as the weapons in the hands of politicians now. 

They have no selfless attitude, love for the country and sacrificing spirit. They never think for the progress of the county and the society. Inspired only by patriotic feelings for the country and for the people. They took part in these struggles. They did not even think for their own interest. They only thought for the people and for the nation.

But in the present context, student politics is not effective at all to bring welfare for the nation as a while. Under this circumstance, the student politics should be banned at least for the duration of five or ten years.